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Smooch Studio

Facelift, anyone?

With our unparalleled technology, testing and manufacturing practices, we have the tools to give you the lift you’ve been dying for. From our Peace Treaty Complex and Forgive & Forget Retinol Resurfacer to our Eye Need Intervention and Total Breakdown scrub, these products are designed to be added to any skincare routine to give you the boost you’ve been dreaming about.

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  • Eye Need Intervention

    Eyes begging you for help?  It's time to intervene!

    Dear Eyes,

        I'm saying this because I love you; lately, you've lost your youthful spirit, and you need professional help.  This 4-phase intervention program will put fine lines, dehydration lines, and rough skin in check.  Hyaluronic filling spheres and the super antioxidant astaxanthin will get you back to your old self again.



    Gluten Free

    Recommended to be added to all of the skincare systems

     .5 oz. airless pump for $58.50


    US $0.00
  • Forgive & Forget anti-aging retinol complex

    Don't let your past get in the way! Forgiveness never felt so good.

    Treated your skin badly in the past?  Today is a new day.  This powerful anti-aging vitamin A Retinol complex is serious forgiveness for all you've put your skin through.  Resurface skin so wrinkles, sun spots, and rough patches look like they never happened. Great for chasing away breakouts as well.

    Recommended to be added to all of the skincare systems except Sensitive Rosacea prone skin.

    1.12 oz. airless pump for $75.50

    US $0.00
  • Attitude Adjustment hydration supplement/power-blend

    Stop your face from becoming a total moisture-snob.

    Excuse me?? Your skin needs to learn some manners.  She's totally snubbing moisture for no good reason, and making dry conversation with everyone she sees.  Give your skin an Attitude Adjustment with soothing azulene from chamomile and vitamins A, C, D & E along with nurturing plant lipids and oils.  Shape up even the worst dry skin and teach it to hold moisture long term.

    Add several drops to moisturizer or eye crème to gain serious hydration.

    Recommended to be added to Flaked Out? Skincare System.
    1.12 oz. squeeze bottle for $55.50.

    US $0.00
  • Peace Treaty de-stressing complex

    Does your face feel like a war zone?  It's time to call a truce.

    Don't agree to disagree with your skin.  End the madness.  This complex will restore peace so you and your skin can live in beautiful harmony together. 

    Ideal when added to any of the skincare systems above. Perfect for Rosacea Prone and acne prone skin.

    1.12 glass pump for $68.50



    US $0.00
  • Get Defensive! SPF 45 sunscreen

    It's good to Get Defensive when it comes to your skin!  This sheer as silk  lotion protects & delivers an anti-aging punch at the same time.

    Full spectrum SPF 45 will shield your skin from the bad and let the sunshine in! NEW packaging and new larger size!

    Apply to face, neck and chest.

    US $58.50
  • Power Trip antioxidant defender/powerblend

    Power Trip
    antioxidant defender

    Let the power go straight to your head.

    You're not one to fuss and fret over your skin's bad behavior. You have a more direct approach - laying the smackdown. Add this power-mix of 18 seriously high-potency antioxidants to your already butt-kicking regimen, and the ultimate power will brighten, hydrate, firm, smooth, diminish redness, and increase radiance and clarity.

    Mix 3-5 drops in with a dallop of moisturizer or eye crème for maximum antioxidant benefits.  Apply to clean face.

    ü  For all skin types

    ü  Helps to clear acne as well

    ü  Use directly on clean skin as power treatment under moisturizer

    ü  Use 3-5 drops as a power mix and mix with moisturizer or serums

    Gluten free

    US $0.00
    .25 oz. trial size