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Give your skin some T.L.C. All the skincare products sold separately below will freshen your face with Totally Lavish Cleansing.

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  • Pore Your Heart Out!

    Your pores have some serious dirt on you.  What they need is a deep confession.

    There's bad stuff getting between you and your pores - dirt, oil, and blemishes are holding back gorgeous, even skin.  It's time to let it all out.  Using the most powerful extracts of New Zealand and Australian Tea Tree, this deep cleansing treatment will get to the bottom of this filth, and have your face gushing in no time!

    No sulfates or benzoyl peroxide.

    4.5 oz. bottle for $36.50.

    8.5 oz. pump for $68.50

    US $0.00
  • Group Therapy Cleansing Lotion

    Proof that there is strength in numbers (3-in-1 to be exact)!

    Want clean, soft, supple skin?  Consider it one-and-done with this non-soap cleanser, toner and eye makeup remover all in one.  The dynamics of this group will make you say, "Hello, my name is Gorgeous and I'm obsessed wth my face."

    Designed specifically for Rosacea Prone skin.  Performs well on all skin types.

    4.5 oz. bottle for $36.50

    8.5 oz. pump for 68.50

    US $0.00
  • Sensitivity Training Cleansing Gel

    Unlike other heartless cleansers that use harsh, irritating cleansing agents, Sensitivity Training won't leave your skin with hurt feelings.  This gentle, no-soap foaming gel is in tune with all skin types including sensitive and rosacea prone skin, breaking up make-up and impurities without leaving you damaged and vulnerable.

    Fabulous on all skin types, especially sensitive skin and rosacea prone skin.  Sulfate Free.

    Available in 1 oz. trial/travel size for $6.50 and 4.5 oz. bottle for $36.50

    8.5 oz. pump for $68.50

    US $0.00
  • Find Clarity Astringent

    Have an A-HA moment...

    Drama with your pores is wearing on your soul.  Step back, clear away the confusion and gain some perspective.  With a little meditative purification, and the power of the Australian and New Zealand Tea Tree coupled with AHA's and BHA's, you'll be saying "Ohm...Ohm...Ohmy goodness, my skin looks amazing!"

    4.5 ounce bottle for 36.50


    US $0.00
  • To the Rescue hydrating mist

    Skin leaving you high and dry?  This will save the day.

    You've been scorched over and over again by your skin.  She's left you in the dust, deserted, and desperately thirsty.  Just when you think you tow are all dried up, To the Rescue rushes to your side to resuscitate your friendship, retain moisture deep within skin layers and get the max out of your moisturizer.

    Gluten Free


    4.5 oz. mist for $35.50.

    US $0.00
  • Anger Management

    Take your skin from hostile to docile in seconds!

    What's with all the hostility?  Your skin is up in arms and totally enraged.  This level of aggression isn't just uncalled for, it's making you seriously uncomfortable.  Let's take it down a notch, shall we?  Instantly tame skin irritation with a quick spray of this soothing blend of aloe, guarana, kola and licorice for some sweet serenity.
    8 oz. mist

    US $0.00
  • Behavior Modification

    Tell your face to change it's act without the oil!

    Your whiney face is getting on your last nerve.  "Wah, Wah, I'm sooo oily."  Not to mention that greasy way she looks at you like she's so slick!  Time for a new code of conduct.  Teach your skin to behave and hold moisture without the oil!

    Gluten Free.  Oil Free.

    1.7 oz. pump bottle for $42.50.

    US $0.00
  • In Recovery Facial Moisturizer

    Lightweight, dual-moisturizing formula actually “reprograms” your slightly dry and dehydrated skin to measurably retain more moisture for immediate, long lasting comfort.
    2 oz. jar for $58.50.

    US $0.00
  • Comfort Zone Facial Moisturizer

    The world can be a scary place for your face.  Sometimes we all need a safe haven - a retreat where we can relax and be at ease.  Now your skin can find sanctuary in this soothing facial moisturizer.  Repair your skin's lipid barrier and help it hold moisture effectively while staying calm, cool and collected.

    Designed specifically for Rosacea Prone skin and Fabulous for dry, dehydrated, aging skin.

    1.7 oz. glass pump for $64.50.

    US $0.00