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Smooch Studio

Scrubs and Masques

The Movers and Shakers! Keep your skin polished and your pores refined with these technologically advanced scrubs and masques.

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  • Detox Masque

    Detox Masque

    Out with the bad and in with the good.

    Even the closest relationships need a fresh start now and then.  This intense cleansing masque will get rid of any bad juju between you and your skin, and replace it with noting but good vibes.  Flush away toxins hiding deep in your pores to reveal pure, unsullied skin.


    Gluten Free

    Recommened to be added to the Pore You! System or Normal System.
     2 oz. jar for $48.50.

    US $0.00
  • Come Clean!

    Come Clean!

    Work through tough layers of chaos to expose pure, invigorated skin. 

    The pressures of day-to-day life are piling up.  Excess oil, impurities, and dead cells have buried your face under the weight of the world...until now!  Let the natural microbeadlets in this deep-cleansing gel free your face and uncover anew level of refined, vitalized, smooth skin.

    Use daily or alternate with any of our other cleansers.

    Recommended to be added to Pore Your Heart Out! System or used as a daily scrub/wash for oily skin.

    4.5 oz. bottle for $36.50.

    US $0.00
  • Total Breakdown Microdermabrasion Scrub

    Total Breakdown Microdermabrasion Scrub

    You need to tear down before you can rebuild.

    Who says a breakdown is a bad thing?  Bust through layers of dirt, oil and dead skin to start anew.  This powerful microdermabrasion crème will leave your skin fresh, radiant and ready for a new day.  Diminishes hyperpigmentation and dark spots, smooths wrinkles and rough skin and restores your skin' s healthy glow.

    The ultimate polish for dry, dull, aging skin.

    Recommended to be added to the Flaked Out! System.

    2 oz. jar for $48.50.

    US $0.00