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Smooch Studio


Great looking makeup starts at the source – your SKIN! With the right combination of skincare and makeup, you can MAXIMIZE YOUR FEATURES and MINIMIZE YOUR FLAWS…

Are you done paying for skincare that simply sits on top of your skin and literally doesn’t deliver? SMOOCH! Skincare is a fresh alternative designed to reprogram your skin to behave like it should and set the stage for your makeup to deliver!

Smooch! Skincare uses a gentle, drug-free approach to achieve amazing looking skin. With NO PETROLEUM, MINERAL OIL, ANIMAL BYPRODUCTS, CHEMICAL DYES AND FRAGRANCES, PARABENS, PHLALATES OR SULFATES (and the list goes on…) there is absolutely nothing in our skincare products to interfere with the ability of our amazing ingredients to penetrate and be delivered to your skin down deep where the problems begin.

Where do you fit? Whether you are constantly fighting the oil monster or trying to boost your moisture levels or you fall somewhere in between, we have the perfect skincare system for you. Choose your system, then try our complimentary and/or anti-aging amazing products to keep you looking your best!

Color Disk System



Our magnetic disc system compacts allow us to customize a set of color discs that are ideal for your personal style and your lifestyle. Learn more >>


  • Pore You!

    Oil Monster getting you down? Tired of your makeup sliding off of your face? Tired of all of the blackheads and breakouts? This oil-free skin balancing line cleans deep within the pores to fight blemishes and congested pores where they start. Using the most powerful fractions of New Zealand and Australian Tea Tree, along with moisturzome technology, your skin will learn how to stay fresh, clear and hold moisture the correct way.  Balance the ecology of your pores…and be Pore You no longer!!

    Pore You! System includes: Pore Your Heart Out Cleansing Gel, SIZE4.5 fl. oz.; Find Clarity Astringent, SIZE4.5 fl. oz.; Behavior Modification Oil Free moisturizer, SIZE 1.7 fl. oz.

    US $89.50
  • Flaked Out

    Feeling like the Sahara Desert these days? Parched, Dull, Dehydrated and dry?  Here is your oasis. Like a long drink of water, our Flaked Out? line will instantly soothe and saturate parched, dry skin leaving it glowing and fresh. So say Goodbye to flakes, deep dehydrated lines and getting your makeup stuck in all of the creases. Goodbye Dry, Hello GLOW!

    Flaked Out? System includes: Group Therapy Cleansing Lotion, SIZE 4.5 fl. oz.; To the Rescue Hydrating Mist Toner, SIZE 4.5 fl. oz.; In Recovery Moisturizing Creme, SIZE 2 oz. jar

    US $105.00
  • Rosacea Prone Sensitive

    Red, irritated skin be GONE!  With this 3 step simple system, your skin will instantly be calmed and comforted. Designed specifically for sensitive and Rosacea Prone skin.

    Sensitive One System includes: Group Therapy Cleansing Lotion, SIZE 4.5 fl. oz.; Peace Treaty de-stressing complex, SIZE 1.12 fl. oz.; Comfort Zone Moisturizer, SIZE 1.7 fl. oz.

    US $145.50
  • Normal Sensitive

    A streamlined, simple system to balance the most sensitive skin. Perfect for normal skin types, too.

    Normal/Sensitive System includes: Sensitivity Training Cleansing Gel SIZE 4.5 fl. oz.; Anger Management Mist, SIZE 8 fl. oz.; Comfort Zone Facial Moisturizer, 1.12 fl. oz.

    US $115.00