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Smooch Studio

Tools & Brushes

Brush up on your application technique with the RIGHT tools! We believe that the magic is in the tools. Having the right tools is just as important as having the right products. A Stroke of Genius! Our brushes are made of the finest sable, goat and synthetic hair and constructed with the kind of care and quality that will make them last for years. Fatten up your makeup arsenal with the right tools and get the most out of your makeup!

Make the most of your brush, and make it last.

Color Disk System



Our magnetic disc system compacts allow us to customize a set of color discs that are ideal for your personal style and your lifestyle. Learn more >>


  • Camouflage Deluxe Foundation

    Camouflage Deluxe Foundation

    Flawless finish for your face! Goodbye sponges,hello smoothness. Uses 25% less makeup than sponges.

    US $38.50
  • Camofluff Double-Ended

    Camofluff Double-Ended

    Two brushes in one – Camouflage Oval + Fluff Brush

    US $32.50
  • Luscious Kabuki

    Luscious Kabuki

    PERFECTION! A Powerhouse of a brush. Blend anything and everything with this amazing tool, not to mention a flawless powder application. Made of the finest sable available.

    US $45.50
  • Deluxe Fan

    Deluxe Fan

    This brush will have you turning the other cheek! Ideal for getting that natural, sunny glow with your bronzers and blushers.

    US $28.50
  • Round Angle Eyeshadow

    Round Angle Eyeshadow

    No better tool exists for applying light eyeshadow colors and blending your crease color to perfection. Create that seamless look of definition on your eyes with this finely sculpted tool

    US $38.50
  • Eyeshadow Crease

    Eyeshadow Crease

    Apply your contour color just got easy! It’s amazing what the right brush will do. Get that professional finish every time.

    US $32.50
  • Mini Deluxe Fluff Double-Ended

    Mini Deluxe Fluff Double-Ended

    Two brushes in one! Ideal for those hard to place eyeshadow colors and for applying a powder eyeliner.

    US $22.50
  • Bent Liner

    Bent Liner

    Another great tool for fine lining with everlast liquid liner or gel liner.

    US $18.50
  • Buxom Brow

    Buxom Brow

    Need brows? This brush does it for you! Double-ended. Coarse angle applies, and the spooly side blends flawlessly.

    US $22.50
  • Lip Perfect

    Lip Perfect

    Pucker up! This lip brush extends to a long handle and closes down to a small tool for your purse.

    US $18.50
  • Perfect Finish Brush

    Perfect Finish Brush

    This gorgeous beauty offers a flawless application of Complexion Perfection Dust or any Smooch! bronzer. The dense, yet loose, longer hairs pick up just enough product and release the ideal amount on your skin. Not too much, not too little…the perfect finish every time!

    US $38.50
  • Soft Touch Lash Curler

    Soft Touch Lash Curler

    Free eyelift, anyone? (without the pinch!)

    US $15.50
  • Travel Tweezers

    Travel Tweezers

    For those unwelcomed & hairy little surprises….perfect for your purse

    US $8.50
  • Catch-All Sharpener

    Catch-All Sharpener

    This eyeliner sharpener brings your point back without chewing up your pencil AND it catches all the shavings all the time.

    US $10.50
  • Brush Cleaner

    This alcohol free, 'dry-clean' spray shampoo will clean your natural hair and synthetic hair brushes gently and efficiently.  Just spray directly on the brush and wipe away makeup and oils with a tissue or paper towel.  

    US $28.50