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Smooch Studio

SUMMER is SIZZLING at smooch!...

What's HOT for summer?

The look that's created JUST for YOU!

Your summer makeup should be as comfy as your favorite pair of flip flops.

Start with our NEW Custom BB (Beauty Balm) Cream...

It's serious skincare that's tinted to your perfect skin color.

It acts as a primer, hydrator, anti-ager, soothes redness, lightens sun spots, and doubles as a light foundation or tint.

This has quickly become a customer AND staff fave!

One step to fabulous? Yes, please!

Another new kid on the block is LIT Glitter.

Get Lit this summer with this amazing, versatile product.

See what happens when you add a little sparkle to your day...

This amazing product will enhance and change up your current makeup.

Give your eyeliner a whole new personality, add some softness and reflection to your eyeshadow, or your lips and cheeks!

Can also be used in nail polish and hair.

Come into smooch! and check it out. For ladies of ALL ages.

No Glitter. No Glory.

What's HOT in color?

Vibrant, intense tones that will add a splash of fresh excitement to any look! You can do this on your eyes or lips...

With these new babies, your face will be hotter than the 4th of July! Stop by today!

Color Disk System



Our magnetic disc system compacts allow us to customize a set of color discs that are ideal for your personal style and your lifestyle. Learn more >>


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