You’re not just another pretty face. So why use generic, one-size-fits-all makeup? Smooch! is all about YOU! We want to empower women of all ages to feel confident, sexy and adventurous about their makeup. We use quality products, combined with years of experience to create looks that are right for your face, your life, your individuality. With the right look, you can show the world your most gorgeous self.

Ingredient Integrity. Being true to yourself starts with honest to goodness products. We keep it real with plant-based oils and botanicals that feel so natural, you’ll forget you’re wearing makeup at all! We even offer Gluten-Free Products for unprocessed perfection

K.I.S.S. (KEEPING IT SMART AND SIMPLE). Maximize your features and minimize your flaws with a seamless routine that fits your lifestyle. We simplify all the makeup tricks, and teach you how to incorporate them into any situation. For the ultimate in beauty efficiency, you can save GREEN and be GREEN with the Skincare Refill Program. Simply Savvy!

Custom, Anyone? Same is so lame! You are one in a million…one in a billion…one in a TRILLION! We love that you’re unique. At Smooch!, you can get exactly what’s right for you with Custom Makeup! Our ability to custom formulate your perfect foundation and lip color so different, so true to you, it’s one in a…well, you get it. Plus, with our Color Disc System you can personalize your makeup for any you you happen to be today.

Smooch! is anything but ordinary. See the features below that make Smooch! as individual as you are!

GLUTEN-FREE PRODUCTS* The last thing you need to worry about is unwanted processed fillers touching your skin. Smooch! takes pride in providing quality, natural products. That’s why we offer these gluten-free items to help keep your skin fresh and allergen-free: All custom lipstick and lipgloss products, All custom foundation products, most of our skincare line, Magic wand concealer, Foundation sticks, Mineral powder, Lipliners,  Bombshell lipgloss, Stay put mascara, Stay Put!, gel eyeliners, gel eyeshadows, Buxom Brows, ALL blush shades, and many of our pressed powder eyeshadow discs.  For a complete list, email us!

SKINCARE REFILL PROGRAM At Smooch!, GREEN has never been so pink! Go easier on the environment by bringing your empty skincare bottles and jars back to be refilled. MORE GREEN for the environment, LESS GREEN $ coming out of your wallet. The Smooch! Refill Program will save you approximately 15% on all skincare refills.

CUSTOM MAKEUP What’s more YOU than a product made specifically for YOU right before your eyes. Our unique ability to custom formulate your perfect foundation and lip color sets your look apart from any other. It is the exclamation point to any style statement.

COLOR DISC SYSTEM (discs for refillable compacts) Maybe your daily style has multiple personalities. Want to go from mild-mannered Miss, to polished professional, to vamped-up vixen? Using our magnetic Color Disc System and our vast array of eyeshadows, bronzers, and blushers in tons of colors and textures, you’ll never be at a loss for looks. We’ve got the tools and techniques to achieve any alter-ego image faster than a speeding bullet and before you can say “it’s a’s plane…!” Come have a session with one of our makeup artists to show you how to get what you want out of your makeup.

*Nothing on the Smooch! website should be interpreted as medical advice in any way. Always check with your physician regarding any questions or concerns you have about allergies and what is healthy for your skin.

xoxo Niclole & KendraUpdate your face…you wear it everyday! Get out of the box and into Smooch!, to be your most gorgeous self!