Sheer Velvet SPF 20 Tinted Sunscreen


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This multi-purpose tinted foundation/sunscreen is a must-have!  Liquid powder feels like velvet on your skin. Use as a lightweight foundation for on-the-go days, or as a sunscreen for the beach, pool, golf course, or just shopping around town! This full spectrum UVA/UVB SPF 20 Tint has a demi-matte finish. It’s light diffusing pigments diminish the appearance of fine lines.

Beautiful coverage. Velvety, clean feel.  Bye-Bye sticky, thick sunscreen.

Sun protection and coverage all in one incredible product? Yes, please!

Contains antioxidants: Ginseng & Gingko to protect and preserve the skin as well as a multi-mineral complex.

Apply with Beauty Blender or Deluxe Camouflage Foundation Brush

Gluten free & Vegan


Beige, Blonde, Cream, Snow, Sunlit

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