Anti-Aging – Power Trip antioxidant defender/powerblend


18 of the most powerful antioxidants available through nature, science and technology, this product covers a multitude of skin sins! It reduces wrinkles, dark spots/hyperpigmentation, acne, redness. Brightens lackluster skin.  Improves skin texture. Softens and protects.

Use 1/2 pump mixed in with your daily moisturizer.

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Let the power go straight to your head.

You’re not one to fuss and fret over your skin’s bad behavior. You have a more direct approach – laying the smackdown. Add this power-mix of 18 seriously high-potency antioxidants to your already butt-kicking regimen, and the ultimate power will brighten, hydrate, firm, smooth, diminish redness, and increase radiance and clarity.

Mix 3-5 drops in with a dallop of moisturizer or eye crème for maximum antioxidant benefits.  Apply to clean face.

ü  For all skin types.

Gluten Free




Sheer Radiance, Sun Angel


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